Tribute in Light panorama - April 13, 2002

This was the “Tribute in Light” memorial erected near the World Trade Center ground zero site in lower Manhattan - 6 months after the events of September 11th. Twin beams of light illuminated the evening sky for a period of one month from 3/11/02 to 4/13/02.

It was startling to see high above, birds circling in the beams suddenly appear and disappear. For many of us, seeing the presence of creatures of flight and their ability to soar high above connects us with the spirits of all those who we remembered as having been apart of our lives. This spherical panorama was taken on its final day at 10:30 PM.

This is a 1.4 MB QuickTime Cubic VR panorama - view with QuickTime 5 or later - expand this window to fill your screen. Click and drag inside viewing window to explore a full spherical panorama.

Denise Graven of Belton, Missouri on September 18, 2002 wrote:
I wanted to let you know that last night while browsing the web, I ran across you site. I think that it is the most awesome, beautiful and creative web site that I have ever seen and the idea of being of the Twin Beams of Light made it even more awesome. This morning when I got up, I was so impressed with your site that I called a couple a friends to tell them about it and then I got immediately back on line so I could view it some more. It is a wonderful tribute to the Twin Towers more so that the lights themselves because it gives you the feel of being right there and many of us are unable to get to come to New York to pay our respects especially when the lights were there. I want to THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRIBUTE and I hope as a part of history you will always have your site on line for many other people to have the chance to see it. Thank You again Sir!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Mowry of Des Moines, Iowa on November 20, 2002 wrote:
Wow. Thank you so much for your artistic and technical work. I really enjoyed viewing the images online. I live in Des Moines and this was the "closest" I felt to New York City since the 11th.

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